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Professional WordPress based websites that are fast, user friendly and tailored for your business.


We offer the best digital security to protect our clients from cyber threats through a strategic partnership with Sophos.

Digital Marketing

We create custom solutions with the aim of solving business problems with easy to use technologies, ranging from JavaScript to Python solutions

Brand Development

We improve your credit profile and help you get approval on your vehicle finance application through the Four major banks of South Africa.

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Our team is ready to help grow your business.

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With our systems and ease of use platform, clients can get their desired website up and running within hours; this is all thanks to the WordPress technologies used by our team to design, develop and launch a digital organisation for our clients.

My Tech

Our Services

We strive for excellence with the aim of helping our clients’ establish a digital presence and eventually a  fully digitized organisation.

Our Clients

We believe in having long term relationships with our clients. this idea has helped us grow with our clients throughout the years.

Below is a few of the many that we have encountered on our journey.